GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus PDF Download

GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus PDF Download

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GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus: The GNM syllabus is structured on the basis of the 3 year course that focuses on different topics including Health Education, English, Nutrition, Computer Application, etc. Candidates who want to pursue GNM Nursing should be familiar with the syllabus.

To get a good score in the 1st year of GNM Nursing, you must know the GNM nursing syllabus. Here in this article, we have provided the GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus PDF as per INC Syllabus. In addition, we include GNM Nursing Course Subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, etc.

GNM 1st Year Syllabus: Overview

Course Name GNM Nursing
Organized By Indian Nursing Council
Course Duration 3-Years
Syllabus For GNM Nursing 1st Year
Subjects Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, etc.

GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus

The syllabus for 1st Year GNM Nursing covers a wide range of topics that include Anatomy, Community Health Nursing, Microbiology, etc. Here we have mentioned the GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus in a tabulated format.

Subject Topic Practice Hour
Biological Sciences Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology 120 (90+30)
Behavioural Sciences Psychology & Sociology 60 (40+20)
Fundamentals of Nursing Fundamentals of Nursing, First Aid & Personal Hygiene 215 (175+202+20)
Community Health Nursing Community Health Nursing, Environmental Hygiene, Health Education & Communication Skill, Nutrition 150 (80+20+20+30)
English 30
Total Hours of 1st Year 575

GNM Nursing 1st Year Subjects

The topic included in GNM Subjects 1st Year is  Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Fundamentals of Nursing, etc. However, the course curriculum may vary depending on the institution offering the course. Here we have provided the common gnm subjects you can study in the first year.

01. Anatomy & Physiology: It focuses on the structure and function of living organisms of the human body.

02. Microbiology: It focuses on the study of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

03. Psychology: It focuses on various aspects of human and animal emotion, development, and mental processes.

04. Sociology: It focuses on the study of society and human social behaviour and their impact on health, including community health.

05. Fundamentals of Nursing: It focuses on the skills required for providing safe quality patient care.

06. Community Health Nursing: It focuses on providing healthcare services, health promotion and disease prevention.

GNM Nursing 1st Year Exam Pattern

GNM Nursing First Year has a total of 500 marks including internal assessment. Here we have provided the exam pattern in a tabulated format.

Subject Int+Board Exam Total Marks
Biological Sciences 25+75 100
Behavioural Sciences 25+75 100
Fundamentals of Nursing 25+75 100
Community Health Nursing 25+75 100
Practical – I (Fundamental of Nursing) 50+50 100
Total 500

GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus: Detailed

To score well in GNM Nursing, you must know the full syllabus. Here we have provided a detailed overview of GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus.

Topic Description
Anatomy and Physiology Introduction to Anatomical Terms, Organization of Body Cells, Organs, Tissues, etc, Skeletal Systems, Muscular Systems, Cardio-Vascular Systems
Microbiology Introduction and Scope of Microbiology, Micro-Organisms, Infection and its Transmission, Immunity, Introduction to Laboratory Techniques
Psychology Introduction, Psychology of Human Behaviour, Learning, Observation, Intelligence, Personality
Sociology Concept, Scope, and Nature of Sociology, The Individual, The Family, The Society, The Community, Economy
Fundamentals of Nursing Introduction to Nursing, Nursing Care of Patient / Client, Basic Nursing Care and Needs of a Patient, Assessment of Patient, Therapeutic Nursing Care, Introduction to Pharmacology
First Aid Importance of First-Aid, First-Aid in Emergency Situations, Community Emergencies
Personal Hygiene Concept of Health, Maintenance of Health, Physical Health, Mental Health

GNM 1st Year Practical Subjects

Apart from theory, the course curriculum includes a variety of practicals. The list of 1st year practical subjects of the GNM Nursing Course is shown below.

  • Nursing Foundation-Practical – I
  • Community Health Nursing I – Practical

GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus Semester Wise

The first year of the GNM Nursing Course is divided into two semesters. Here is the syllabus below for Semester I and Semester II.

Semester-I Semester-II
Introduction to Anatomical Terms Introduction to the Detailed Structure of the Body
Micro-Organisms Immunity
Control and Destruction of Microbes Practical Microbiology

GNM Nursing 1st Year Books

Candidates interested in GNM Nursing should prepare for the course through recommended books. Here we have mentioned some of the best books for GNM Nursing.

Books Name  Author Name
Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology Kaarna Muni Sekhar
Community Health Nursing S. Bhagya Lakshmi
Medical-Surgical Nursing P.M. Pratibha
GNM Midwifery Case Book Mrs. P. Lavanya
Psychology and Sociology K. Madhvi
Child Health Nursing S. Gomathi
Community Health Nursing G. Gnanaprasune
GNM Solved Question Bank Mamtha G
Textbook of Psychology and Sociology for GNM Students N. Bansal
Paediatric Nursing Gomathi

GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus PDF Download

GNM Nursing 1st year cover a wide range of topics. So, students should know the detailed syllabus of the course to score well in the exam. Candidates can download the 1st year GNM Nursing Syllabus pdf from the given link.


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People Also Ask (FAQs):

01. What is GNM Syllabus?

Ans: The GNM Nursing syllabus covers a wide range of topics including Computer Application, Health Education, and Communication Skills.

02. How Many Books in the 1st Year of GNM Nursing?

Ans: There are a total of 4-books in the first year of GNM Nursing.

03. What are the Passing Marks of GNM 1st Year?

Ans: Candidates have to score a minimum of 50% marks in both the theory and practical exams.

04. What is the Full Form of GNM Nursing?

Ans: The full form of GNM Nursing stands for General Nursing & Midwifery.

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