First AID Kit Box: Why It Is Important in Nursing?

First AID Kit Box: A first aid kit is a box that contains essential supplies used to treat common injuries like cuts, scrapes, and more. A first aid kit box is helpful in many situations, making it useful for school, home, office, etc.

If you have taken a nursing course, you will be familiar with the word ‘FIRST AID’.It is an important component of medical care. Nurses are often the first to deal with patients who need immediate care. Thus, they need to be updated with knowledge of emergency care practices. In this blog, we will discuss the first aid box items and the importance of first aid kits in nursing.

What is a First AID Box?

First aid is temporary support given to a person who is injured or has suddenly become ill. First aid includes a range of activities and interventions ranging from simple dressing to treatment of minor conditions even Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). A first aid kit box contains all the necessary supplies like safety pins, bandages, etc.

First AID Full Form

Do you want to know the full form of FIRST AID? Here it is

  • F -> First Arrival
  • I -> Intelligent Care
  • R -> Recording and Reporting
  • S -> Saftey Precautions
  • T -> Timely Action
  • A -> Alertness
  • I -> Initiation and Implementation
  • D -> Decision Making

What are the Aims of First AID?

The main objectives of first aid are to save lives, promote recovery, ease pain, prevent further injury, and decline of the condition.

Uses of First AID Box

Before the arrival of an ambulance, a nurse can provide professional medical care, first aid is the first assistance given to an injured or sick person for any injury. It is important to have a well-stocked first aid kit box in your home so that you can deal with minor accidents and injuries. Here we have shared some of the best uses of the first aid box.

01. Treat Injuries Quickly: Using a first aid kit nurses can handle medical emergencies as quickly as possible. It is very important to provide immediate treatment so that no infection spreads. This nursing kit offers basic care for injuries such as burns, cuts, puncture wounds, etc.
02. Relieve the Pain of Burn: To protect the burn site from further harm, first aid treatment is necessary to relieve the pain and prevent further damage. Cover the burning area with a gauze and give instant pain relief medicine. In addition, you can apply an ice pack or pour cold water over the burn.
03. Stop Bleeding: Bleeding injuries can potentially be life-threatening. To stop bleeding, apply pressure to the wound and cover it with gauze. Apply a bandage quickly to secure the wound. Without proper medical supplies, it can be difficult to stop bleeding. So, the first aid kit box is vital.

First AID Box Items Names with Images

A first aid kit box can be large or small. It contains every possible thing you might need for immediate treatment. A first-aid box may include the possible items like:

First AID Items Pictures
Small, Medium, and Large Sterile Gauze Dressings Dressing and Bandages
Roll of Absorbent Cotton  Roll of Absorbent Cotton
Instant Cold Packs Instant Cold Packs
Scissors and Tweezers Scissors and Tweezers
Antibiotic Ointment Antibiotic Ointment
Disposable Sterile Gloves Disposable Sterile Gloves
Safety Pin Safety Pin
Triangular Bandages Triangular Bandages
Crêpe Rolled Bandages Crêpe Rolled Bandages

Importance of First Aid Kit in Nursing

FIRST AID is an important component of medical care. Besides bed-making techniques, nurses also have to learn basic first-aid nursing care techniques. First aid is the initial treatment given to the victims. Therefore, nurses should be up to date with knowledge of emergency care practices.

Conclusion of First AID

First Aid is the initial care given to the injured person. So, nurses need to learn first-aid techniques and should have a first aid kit box at home. Hope this article is helpful for everyone, if yes, please share it with others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

01. What is the Use of First AID?

Ans: First aid is an initial treatment given to the injured person before arriving in an ambulance.

02. What are the Basic Items in a First AID Kit Box?

Ans: A first aid kit box contains gauze, different types of bandages, safety pins, disposable sterile gloves, etc.

03. What is a First Aid Box Called?

Ans: A first box, also known as a medical kit is a collection of supplies used to give immediate medical treatment.

04. What are the 3 Types of First Aid?

Ans: The 3 types of first aid are Basic, Wilderness, and Advanced.

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