BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus – Nursing Books, PDF and Subjects

BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus: The Indian Nursing Council offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing which is a four year undergraduate course. Candidates who want to do BSc Nursing must have qualified 10+2 or have earned a nursing diploma. However, before that, you know about the syllabus as it provides students with a comprehensive education in nursing.

The nursing curriculum provides you with experience that you will use in real-life problems such as patient care, cleaning, and preventing infections. In addition, BSC Nursing Syllabus provides you with the required knowledge and abilities in anatomy, child and mental health nursing, etc. In this blog, we will share you BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus.

BSc Nursing 2nd Year Course Curriculum

The course curriculum includes subjects like sociology, pathology, genetics, etc. The BSc Nursing 2nd year course curriculum is as follows.

Nursing Subjects Study Hours
Sociology 60
Pharmacology 45
Pathology 30
Genetics 15
Medical-Surgical Nursing-I 210
Medical-Surgical Nursing- I Practical 720
Community Health Nursing- I 90
Community Health Nursing-I Practical 135
Communication Educational Technology 60+30

BSc Nursing Syllabus

BSc Nursing Syllabus is designed to offer students a strong foundation in nursing theory as well as practical. The course curriculum consists of theoretical and practical subjects, allowing students to develop the required knowledge and experience to excel in the field.

To get detailed knowledge about the BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus, candidates can refer to the article below.

BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus

The BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus consists of topics like Psychiatric Nursing, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Nursing, Role in Chemotherapy, etc. Here is a glimpse of the BSc Nursing 2nd year syllabus.

Subjects  BSc Nursing Syllabus (2nd Year)
Psychiatric Nursing Principles & Applications of Psychiatric Nursing, Nursing approaches as per the behaviours, disorders, aggression, etc, Role in Chemotherapy, Psychotherapy, Occupational Therapy, etc, Psychiatric Emergencies
Medical-Surgical Nursing Maintaining the body dynamic equilibrium, Medical & surgical nursing management of patients with Angina, hypertension, etc, Principles of Orthopaedic Nursing & Techniques, ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat) Nursing
Operation Theatre Techniques Sterilization of Instruments, Types of Anesthesia, How to care for patients before, after & during the operation, Knowing the instruments
Health Education Concept, Scope, Limitations, & Benefits of Health Education, Health Communication & Teaching, Audio-Visual Aids, Methods of Health Education
Microbiology Morphology & classification of bacterial Factors & conditions affecting the growth of bacteria Immunity & Immunization Process Serological tests and their corresponding diseases
Advanced Procedures Blood Examination Lumbar Air, Study Electrocardiography Angio Cardiography

BSc Nursing 2nd Year Exam Pattern

The total marks of BSc Nursing 2nd year is 800, including theoretical and practical. Below is the topic breakdown in a table format.

Subjects Internal +External Total
Sociology 25+75 100
Pharmacology 25+75 100
Pathology, Genetics 25+75 100
MSN- I 25+75 100
CET 25+75 100
CHN-I 25+75 100
MSN-I (P) 100 200
Total 800

Semester Wise BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus

The semester wise BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus is tabulated below for your reference.

Semester III Semester IV
Psychiatric Nursing Medical Surgical Nursing -II
Medical Surgical Nursing-I Community Health Nursing- I
Psychotherapy Community Health Nursing -I (Practical)
sociology Commuanication Educational Technology
Pharmacology Genetics

BSc Nursing 2nd Year Practical 

The BSc nursing 2nd year practical comprises subjects like Medical Surgical Nursing. Here is a glimpse of the BSc nursing 2nd year practical subjects.

Assessment of Patient Perform General and Specific Physical Examination
Administer medications Oxygen Therapy by Different Methods
Nebulization Chest Physiotherapy
Maintain Intake, Output and Documentation Pre-operative Preparation of Patients
Care of Wound and Drainage Suture Removal
Ostomy Care Blood and Component Therapy
Physical Examination of Cardiovascular System Recording and Interpreting ECG. Administer Cardiac Drugs

BSc Nursing Subjects 2nd Year

BSc Nursing 2nd year includes subjects like Sociology, Medical Surgical Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Pathology, Genetics, Microbiology, etc. In addition, the course curriculum consists practical subjects such as Assessment of Patient, Chest Physiotherapy, Nebulization, etc

BSc Nursing 2nd Year Books 

Here is the list of some best books of BSc nursing in 2nd year with their author name. Check this

Subject Book Author
Microbiology Textbook of Microbiology Orient Longman
Microbiology Essentials of Medical Microbiology J.P. Publishers
Microbiology Microbiology for Nurses J.P. Brothers Publishers
Pharmacology Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics Satoskar
Pharmacology Clinical Pharmacology Churchill Livingstone
Medical Surgical Nursing Medical Surgical Nursing: Clinical Management for Positive outcomes Elsevier
Medical Surgical Nursing Understanding Medical Syurgical Nursing Williams

BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus PDF

Do you want to download the BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus PDF? – You can do so from the link given below. From this pdf file, you will get the exact idea about the syllabus of BSc nursing 2nd year subjects, theory paper, and practical paper.

BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus Nursing Syllabus


I hope the above information on BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus will help you to understand what you should study in the 2nd year and what important subjects are there. I hope you find this helpful, If yes please share this article with your other nursing friends.

People Also Ask (FAQs):-

01. Can I admitted to MBBS After Completing a BSc in Nursing?

Ans: Yes, you can enroll in an MBBS program after completing a BSc Nursing course.

02. What are the Subjects of the 2nd Year of BSc Nursing?

Ans: BSc Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus consist topics like Psychiatric Nursing, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Nursing, Role in Chemotherapy, etc.

03. How Many Books are there in BSc Nursing 2nd Year?

Ans: There are 7 books in BSc Nursing 2nd Year including sociology, pharmacology, pathology, genetics, medical surgical nursing, community health nursing and communication educational technology.

04. What is the Passing Marks in BSc Nursing 2nd Year?

 Ans: Candidates have to score a minimum of 38 marks i theory and 50 marks inpractical/ clinical examination.

05. How Many Semesters are there in BSc 2nd Year?

Ans: There are two semester in BSc Nursing 2nd Year i.e. Semester-III and Semester-IV

06. What is Total Marks of BSc Nursing 2nd Year?

Ans: The total marks of BSc Nursing 2nd year is 800, including theoretical and practical.

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